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Diversity and inclusion are vital to the well-being and success of our employees, communities and businesses. We stand committed to fostering and expanding a more just, equitable and inclusive region for all by purposefully addressing systemic racism in the communities in which we operate.

DEI Journey


EngageNWA serves as a convener for businesses and organizations that have signed the Northwest Arkansas Leadership Pledge by supporting them to fulfill their commitment to the pledge through a cohort experience. Regular cohort convenings provide a dedicated space to ask questions, share learnings and gain inspiration from colleagues and peers who are on the DEI journey together. By supporting and sharing resources with one another, pledge signers can better accomplish their commitment to creating a more just, equitable and inclusive region.

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Businesses and organizations from across the region have signed the pledge. See a full list here.

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Join a community committed to take action and create meaningful change. Sign the pledge here.

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Learn more about why local organizations are signing the pledge and how they are taking action.

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What They Are Saying

Trailblazers + ETHIC is working to further equity in trails, health, infrastructure, and community. We commit to honoring the lived experiences of our constituents, while also utilizing best practices from around the world to develop accessible, inclusive, and forward-thinking trail, active transportation networks, and programming.

Trailblazers + ETHIC

We wanted to make a statement of support to our families in our school community and area, and our commitment to do better.

Walnut Farm Montessori School

DEI is at the core of our firm culture. It's one of the lodestars in the constellation of values that are absolutely critical to our success as an organization and in providing the best service to our clients and community.

Kutak Rock

“In light of recent events surrounding the BLM movement, we felt compelled to make a stand and increase awareness around equity and inclusion. The Leadership Pledge was a perfect opportunity to elevate the conversation and commitment to social justice in our workplace. We are committed to removing barriers to entrepreneurship and innovation regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.

Startup Junkie

Believing that racism has played a historical role in our country and that it currently plays a role in denying equitable opportunities for people of color, we wanted to sign the pledge as a way of saying we believe Northwest Arkansas must be a more equitable place and that we as a small business play a role in providing that equality. We also believe that the pledge will help hold us accountable to what we say is important.

Wesche Company

Since signing the Leadership Pledge, our team has learned that ignorance is actually not “bliss” for everyone. Ignorance in the workplace can easily, quickly & harshly affect black people & people of color -- ignorance of potential pay inequality, ignorance of unintentional microaggressions, ignorance of potentially disparate opportunities for advancement, etc. We’ve learned that time is up for feigning ignorance. We’re beginning to closely examine everything: our processes, our unconscious biases, our recruiting efforts, our conversations -- all of it -- and make choices from a place of awareness, instead.