Black-owned businesses have been making a positive impact on their communities for decades despite facing obstacles created by people around them. These businesses create job opportunities, prioritize education and awareness, and craft authentic experiences for those around them.

When the members of our community lift each other up, we all reap the benefits. Through the Northwest Arkansas Diversity Resource Guide, you can find a variety of diverse-owned businesses and organizations that call Northwest Arkansas home. This month, we’d like to highlight five Black-owned businesses who are impacting our cities. We hope that this list inspires you to support and lift those around you to greatness.

Music Moves

How They Impact The Community: Through melody, rhythm, and a celebration of Black lives, Music Moves directly enriches the lives of students and adults alike.

Music Moves seeks to make Black music available and accessible to the community. The organization offers curriculum and hosts events that feature a variety of musical stylings, all framed in tribute to Black history. Check out their website and social media for ways to support them.



How They Impact The Community: Visionairi’s focus is to protect and preserve Black culture through documentation, education and authenticity.

Looking for a way to get connected to Black culture? Look no further. The crew is throughout the region producing content that contributes to the preservation of Black culture. You can also find them speaking on Black history and amplifying voices that may not have microphones. Book them to document your next event or lead an educational class.


Chick’n Headz

How They Impact The Community: By serving up tasty, time-honored recipes, Chick’n Headz lays a strong cultural foundation for a new generation of gastronomes.

At Chick’n Headz, you’ll find an award-winning selection of wings, fries and catfish. The family-owned and operated eatery has been operating since late 2020 and continues to thrive. Swing by their location in Fayetteville to pick up some of their signature sauce or even rent a section of their space for a private event.



How They Impact The Community: Dirtbag celebrates the culture of sustainable living by providing carefully-curated alternatives to fast fashion.

Formed in 2020, Dirtbag has taken Northwest Arkansas by storm. There are few stores in the area that provide as much intentional care to selecting their thrifted apparel. After a piece is found through hours and hours of searching, it’s washed by hand and sun-dried. They also offer clothing recycling and customizable private shopping experiences.


DJ Afrosia

How They Impact The Community: DJ Afrosia gets people off their seats and into an authentic celebration of dance and good vibes.

Life’s too short to spend it without music. Ambrosia Johnson, better known as DJ Afrosia, knows this to be true. From her website, she remarks “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people free themselves on a dance floor. Everyone bops to their own vibe, and as a DJ it’s the coolest sight to witness.” Book her to be at your next big event for a set you won’t forget!



Looking for more businesses to support within our community? Visit the Northwest Arkansas Diversity Resource Guide for an extensive list!