Big Box Karaoke (BBK) is bringing a going-out staple of Japanese karaoke bars found in larger cities to our Northwest Arkansas community: intimate rooms where a private party can blast music and sing their hearts out to their favorite songs with friends and families…all in a soundproof room.

Not only does BBK bring a new venue to the area, but it is heavily involved in the community. BBK partners with the community annually to host an allergy-free “”Be(A)ware Halloween”” event most recently co-sponsored with the Fayetteville Public Library as the owners have children with severe food allergies. BBK also brings sake-tasting classes to the community to engage others in Japanese culture as the owners lived in Japan for several years and loved it. BBK is also a large advocate for businesses on Block Street in Fayetteville, and is happy to provide free karaoke to service industry workers on Sundays.

While the food and drinks are great, at the heart of service is its karaoke offering. Often, you may find venues and bars that allow you to sing karaoke, but only in front of strangers and a crowd. BBK offers private suites where only you and your closest friends can hear you try to reach Mariah Carey’s high notes, or sing along to your favorite holiday anthems. The privacy and intimacy at BBK is unmatched at other karaoke-bar venues.

Gift ideas: You can purchase gift cards to allow others to purchase karaoke time along with food and drinks.