Owned by David Hamsher, (formerly David Lupardis). They not only have a great selection of very giftable bath and body treats, but also are great at reminding you that self-indulgence is a good thing!

The expertise of David and his staff makes it special. He has selected a perfect variety of little luxuries that make daily life just that much nicer for everyone. You can find gifts that work for everyone from girlfriends to burly outdoorsmen, to spinster aunts, even the family dog!

Many of their products are so customizable. With their array of scents, and their ability to customize colors, the possibilities are truly endless. I love that I can order just the EXACT shade of blue I need for the powder room. And I can match soaps, lotions, bath salts to my towels, or wallpaper, etc. I don’t have to settle for “kinda close” or “pretty good.” I also love being able to choose the scents of those products for the ultimate in customization.

Gift Ideas: soaps, lotions, bath salts