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EngageNWA brings diverse people, organizations and communities together, offering opportunities to connect and contribute to a more inclusive Northwest Arkansas.

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Building an Inclusive Region

At the heart of every vibrant region lies a strong sense of belonging for its residents. EngageNWA provides opportunities to nurture roots, embrace community involvement and celebrate diverse cultures. Our vision is an inclusive and robust region where every resident matters and thrives.

Let’s Achieve It Together

Community doesn't just happen; we nurture it by fostering connections with neighbors and across cities.

Hear from our Executive Director on why belonging and bridging are essential for healthy communities.

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Our Work


Welcoming Week NWA ignites engagement among residents, business and community leaders to participate in immersive learning and cultural experiences that promote a welcoming place for all.

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Belonging & Bridging NWA facilitates experiences and initiatives that foster social cohesion, trust and collaboration while deepening social networks and promoting equitable outcomes.

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Follow the stories, events and news shaping the region and contributing to a diverse and inclusive community that invites and engages everyone to build a stronger future together.

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Upcoming Events

The region’s growth presents unique opportunities to create an environment where people feel inspired to put down roots and give back to their communities in meaningful ways. For long term residents and newcomers alike, everyone plays a vital role in shaping Northwest Arkansas into a place they can proudly call home.


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Welcoming Week NWA events and experiences.