March 11, 2022

Welcoming Week NWA 2022

Welcoming Week NWA is an annual event that brings together NWA Leadership Pledge supporters and the broader community to build strong connections and affirm the importance of welcoming and inclusive places in achieving collective prosperity. While the event is only a week long, the goals are long-term. Welcoming Week NWA serves as an impetus to drive action all year long.

For Welcoming Week this year, the theme is #WhereWeBelong. Each and every one of us has the power to make sure everyone feels seen, embraced, welcomed and included in our communities. By focusing on the places and spaces that foster belonging (ie. cities, workplaces, neighborhoods, etc.), “Where We Belong” aims to spark individual reflection on how and why belonging occurs, and ways we can break barriers so that places can foster belonging for all.

5 Ways to Get Involved in Welcoming Week NWA

1. Join our weekly connects Tuesdays from 1-1:20pm on Zoom for updates and to learn more about how to get involved.
2. Take a photo with our ‘I am a Welcomer’ signs available in multiple languages and share on social media using #WhereWeBelong and #WelcomingWeekNWA. If your language of choice is not available, feel free to create your own using our template!
3. Lead a project or join a committee. Check out this guide for more information.
4. Submit your events and partner logos on our website at
5. For information on sponsorship opportunities to support Welcoming Week NWA, please reach out to us at or

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